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Aussie surfer. Edgy musician.
Food and alcohol explorer extraordinaire.



Update: Toby Tyler to be one of this year's celebrity judges at the Caribbean Rum Awards at St Lucia. Details about the event here.


Add in an abundance of design innovation, subtle hues of European charm, a luscious twist of Bahamian tropics and you have Toby Tyler.


Meet Toby Tyler.


Originally a Sydney lad, a free spirit travelling the world, Toby now calls the pink sands of Harbour Island home.


Toby’s journey into the culinary and gourmet delights of the world has seen him invent and reinvent his pathway to excellence over and over again, travelling the globe to explore all that delights the senses as he sharpens the blade of his innovative edge.


Toby’s life reads like a ride on the best surf the ocean has to offer…


  • Distribution, business development South Cape, Blu Cockatoo, King Island Dairies, Australia

  • Partner, Simon Johnson, Australia

  • Olive Oil competition judging, Sydney Australia

  • In-house song writer, Warner Brothers, Australia

  • Restaurant and café design consulting, Richard Gere, Bedford Post Inn Boutique Hotel, Upstate New York

  • Kitchen, bar space and cellar design, table settings, cocktail development, The Landing Restaurant, Harbour Island Bahamas

  • Wine list curation, The Landing, Rock House, Coral Sands, The Dunmore, Romora Bay, Bahamas

  • Interior room design, The Landing Hotel, Bahamas

  • Assistant menu design, kitchen flow, the Dunmore Restaurant, Harbor Island Bahamas

  • Award-Winning Master Blender, Afrohead Rum, West Indies

  • Private Cellar Consultant, Don Jenkins, Jenkins Auto, US

  • Oversaw 6 varietals plus flavor profiles for Afrohead Wines.


Oh, and let’s not forget the waves of Belles Beach, Kuta, Sultans, and Cape St Francis

surfed along the way!

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