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Toby Tyler is Afrohead Rum's Master Blender

Universally Inspired. Authentically Aged. AFROHEAD Rum is meticulously blends as a tribute to genuine inspiration.

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"When I first tried the Havana Club 15-year-old, that was a moment that changed me. I said, okay, no more Whiskies. I'm drinking Rum in the Caribbean"

Toby A. Tyler

After finding that most Rums being made around the Caribbean were too sweet for his palate Toby embarked on mission to blend a Rum that drank more like a Scotch Whisky. In 2008, he met with a retired master distiller and convinced him to help him realize his vision.


Currently offering two expressions—the 7-year-old premium-aged dark Rum and the 15-year-old XO—Afrohead pays homage to the first Rum makers of the West Indies by making their Rums aged and dark. Toby and Afrohead’s co-founder Joe Farrell pull ingredients from all around the West Indies, including sugar cane molasses from the Dominican Republic and a 100-year-old yeast strain from Trinidad. The juice is then distilled up to five times before being aged in Bourbon oak barrels.

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